Vue du Phare à Sète en famille, papa et son bébé

Welcome to Languedoc!

Vue du Phare @ N. Chauveau - OT Sète

Discover the heart of Languedoc, the ultimate holiday destination in Southern France. From the stunning landscapes of Cevennes and Languedoc mountains to the vibrant cities and Mediterranean beaches of Hérault, immerse yourself in a world of natural wonders and cultural delights.

Experience thrilling outdoor adventures, savor the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and wines, and unwind in serene surroundings. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, Languedoc has it all and it's all yours... Plan your getaway today!

Inspire me !

Cap d'Agde Méditerranée

Plage de la Grande Conque Cap d'Agde Méditerranée

Plage de la Grande Conque © JC Meauxsoone


jeune couple qui se balade devant le Château d'eau du Peyrou à Montpellier

Château d'eau du Peyrou à Montpellier © Anthony Allies

Thau Archipelago

Tables à huîtres sur l'étang de Thau

Conchyliculture sur l'étang de Thau © Christel Gauthier

Béziers Méditerranée


Béziers © Stéphanie Durandkeller


Abbaye de Gellone St Guilhem Le Désert

Abbaye de Gellone à Saint-Guilhem-Le-Désert © Hérault Tourisme

Grand Pic Saint-Loup Tourism

Famille en balade à la Chapelle d'Aleyrac

Chapelle d'Aleyrac © Régis Domergue

Destination Salagou

Les ruffes du lac du Salagou se reflètent dans le lac

Lac du Salagou © Manuel da Costa

La Grande Motte

Vue sur le port et les bateaux de La Grande Motte avec le soleil couchant sur les bâtiments en arrière-plan

La Grande Motte © Herault Tourisme

Minervois Caroux

Baignade dans les gorges d'Héric

Gorges d'Héric © Xavier Ligonnet - Office de Tourisme du Minervois au Caroux

Lodevois Larzac

Deux copines admirent le Cirque de Navacelles

Au Cirque de Navacelles © David Genestal

In Béziers, the canal du Midi offers one of its most majestic sites: the 9 locks of Fonséranes. Ideal for a family stroll

Know Agde's famous beaches and Cap d'Agde's family-friendly activities?What if i told your about volcanic cliffs, an underwater trail with artificial reefs, Fort Brescou on its own volcanic island, and a lively fish market...

Montpellier: vibrant, lively, and brimming with character! Pack your bags and bask in the sun by the sea. Wander historic streets, explore photo exhibitions, and sip drinks on charming terraces. Savor every moment...

Sète! A unique gem with endless exploration. From Sète to Marseillan, discover Bouzigues oysters, fine wines, charming ports, and water sports. The atmosphere is relaxed, the nature unspoiled!

Beautiful ! La Grande-Motte, with its beaches, avant-garde architecture, green spaces, tranquil vibes, and unique features, is a true masterpiece where relaxation and well-being await. Follow me, I'll take you on a TOTAL ART stroll!

A wonderful day around Lake Salagou. Nestled in the heart of Languedoc, here lies a lake like no other. It is set amidst breathtaking landscapes, charming villages, and fun-filled family activities. A delight for everyone!

Exploring the sun-drenched trails around Saint-Guilhem-Le-Désert is a treat any time of the year. There's something special about uncovering the rich cultural and natural wonders at your own pace, completely immersed in tranquility

Dicover the heart of our land and  meet the flavor wizards that are our local producers. Along the way, uncover hidden treasures of history and nature that will make your visit unforgettable... Welcome to Grand Pic St-Loup!

Get ready for a rejuvenating escape in the breathtaking Minervois Caroux destination!  We've experienced it firsthand with a canoe trip on the Orb River and it was absolutely thrilling! With serene waters and expert guides at your beck and call, it's an adventure you won't want to miss! 

Explore a genuine landscape with diverse scenery. Here in Lodevois Larzac, nature goes the extra mile to astonish you!